The tumulus built in Adıyaman on the Nemrut Mountain is one of the most important monuments of Turkey. One of the peaks of the mountain was levelled by Anthiokhos I, king of Commagene, and the sepulchre was placed there. On this was placed rocks as large as fists, and the tumulus hill with a diameter of145 metres was formed.

The peak of the hill is 2206 metres high. The Persian and Greek gods to which Anthiokhos traced his lineage are seen on the terraces built at the eastern and western sides of the tumulus. These gigantic statues are depicted as sitting on thrones. The heads of these statues fell with time, and the latest arrangements were only made where theyare located. This matchless grave monument is the oldest product of the desire to reconcile eastern and western civilisations. These large statues from Antiquity, which are approximately 7 metres high, were made of limestone. They were put on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1987 with their monumental design, sizes and their uniqueness.


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