A series of important tombs were discovered in Alacahöyük, one of the first exeavation sites in Turkish archaeology. The tombs of the lords of Hatti who ruled Alacahöyük and its vicinity before the Hittite rule in the region attract attention with a wealth of metal finds. Metal artefacts of extraordinary varietyand high quality not to be seen in other regions were found in these tombs. It has been customary to refer to these as sun discs. These probably symbolised the sun and celestial bodies. Some are thought to be instruments played during rituals. During the first periods of the Republic, these artefacts aroused great interest in archaeology. Along with being used as the symbol of many new institutions, statues ornamenting the capital city were made of their large-size copies. The spires found in the Alacahöyük royal tombs are also rather interesting.

These are silver inlaid bronze artefacts. With the ir large horns and the ir correctly proportioned bodies, these spires are works of a very successful casting tradition. The origin of these strong miners is still debated. Among the gold artefacts unearthed at the tombs, an openwork diadem and the twin idols that were probably a clothing or furniture ornament are very interesting with the ir workmanship and designs. 

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