(21 Nights / 22 Days) 

This tour covers most of the cities that St. Paul visited during his three missionary journeys in Anatolia together with some other major biblical sites in Turkey and the Seven Churches of St. John.


Day 1: Home - Ankara

Arrival in Ankara directly or via Istanbul. Transfer to the hotel. Dinner and overnight (D/O).

Day 2: Ankara - Cappadocia

Visiting the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations and the Mausoleum of Atatürk. In the afternoon departure for Cappadocia. On the way visiting a Seljuk caravanserai, Ağzıkarahan. D/O in Capppadocia. 

Day 3: Cappadocia

Visiting the Göreme open-air Museum, the monastic complex of rock chapels covered with frescoes; the Valley of Zelve with its pre-iconoclastic churches; the towns of Avanos, Ortahisar and Uçhisar. D/O in Cappadocia. 

Day 4: Cappadocia - Antakya

Departure for Adana. On the way visiting the spectacular underground city and the 19th century church in Derinkuyu and Eski Gümüş Monastery, near Niğde, the jewel of Cappadocia. D/O in Antakya. 

Day 5: Antakya

Excursion to Samandağ (Seleucia of Pieria). Arriving back in Antakya, the ancient Antioch on the Orontes, whose holiness was declared by the Vatican in 1983. Visiting St. Peter’s Grotto and the Antakya Museum, where the richest collections of Roman mosaics in the world are exhibited. Excursion to Harbiye, the Gardens of Daphne. D/O in Antakya. 

Day 6: Antakya - Silifke

Departure for Tarsus, the birthplace of St. Paul and the city of the church councils. Visiting St. Paul’s Well in Tarsus. After crossing Mersin, visiting the ruins of ancient Kanytelis; the site of ancient Korykos, which stands next to the beach opposite Kız Kalesi (Maiden Castle). Visiting the chasms known as “Cennet ve Cehennem” (“Heaven and Hell”) with the ruins of a 5th century chapel in “Heaven”. Arriving at Seleucia of Isauria (Silifke). Visiting the tomb of St. Thecia (Ayatekla). D/O in Silifke. 

Day 7: Silifke - Konya

Departure for Konya. On the way, visiting the well-preserved remains of a fifth-century Byzantine basilica, Alahan Monastery. Visiting Karaman and the site of Derbe where St. Paul and St. Barnabas came from Lystra. Visiting the Thousand and One Churches near Madenşehir and Değle. Arriving at Konya, ancient Iconium. D/O in Konya. 

Day 8: Konya - Antalya

Visiting the Museum of Mevlana in Konya and St. Helena Church, in Sille. Departure for Antalya via Yalvaç, ancient Antioch of Psidia. Arrival and D/O in Antalya. 

Day 9: Antalya - Kemer

Visiting three famous Pamphylian cities: Perge, which was visited by St. Paul, Aspendos and Side.  A city tour in Antalya. Visiting the Archeological Museum where very fine mosaics and icons are displayed. D/O in Antalya. 

Day 10: Antalya - Kaş

Visiting the ancient city of Phaselis, with its well-preserved ruins. Departure for Demre, ancient Myra where St. Paul visited. Myra is also the home of St. Nicholas. Visiting the Church of St. Nicholas. Arrival and D/O in Kaş. 

Day 11: Kaş - Bodrum

Departure for Bodrum. On the way, visiting the ruins of Patara where St. Paul and St. Luke stopped at the end of the third journey, and Xanthos. D/O in Bodrum, the ancient Halikarnassos.

Day 12: Bodrum - Kuşadası

Visiting the Castle of St. John, which houses a museum today. Departure for Kuşadası. On the way visiting the ancient Oracle of Apollo in Didyma, and Miletos, where St. Paul visited, and Priene. D/O in Kuşadası.

Day 13: Kuşadası

Visiting Ephesus with its Church of Virgin Mary or the Double Church; the Grotto of Seven Sleepers; walking on the same Marble Street where once St. Paul strolled through; the House of Virgin Mary; the Basilica of St. John and the Archeological Museum. D/O in Kuşadası.

Day 14: Kuşadası - Pamukkale

Departure for Pamukkale. On the way visiting Aphrodisias and the ruins of the church and other historical remnants in Laodicea. Strolling through the necropolis of the ancient city of Hieropolis with its Matyrium of St. Philip. D/O in Pamukkale.

Day 15: Pamukkale - İzmir

Departure for İzmir. On the way, visiting the ruins of the Church in Alaşehir, ancient Philadelphia. Then arriving in Sardis, and visiting the third century synagogue and the church which was built on the foundations of the Temple of Artemis. Visiting St. Policarp Church in İzmir. D/O in İzmir.

Day 16: İzmir - Ayvalık

Visiting the ruins of the church in Akhisar, ancient Thyatira, then arriving at Bergama (Pergamum). Visiting the Asclepium; the Acropolis; the St. John Church at the site of Serapium (Red Court) and the Archeological Museum. Arrival and D/O in Ayvalık.

Day 17: Ayvalık - Çanakkale

Visiting Alexandria Troas and Assos, from where St. Paul sailed for Lesbos. Visiting the Homeric City of Troy. D/O in Çanakkale.

Day 18: Çanakkale - Bursa

Departure for Bursa. Visiting the elegant Ottoman monuments in Bursa. D/O in Bursa.

Day 19: Bursa - İznik - İstanbul

Departure for Istanbul. On the way, arriving at İznik, ancient Nicaea. Visiting the St. Sophia Cathedral, where the 1st and 7th Ecumenical councils convened, and the other historical monuments. D/O in Istanbul.

Day 20: İstanbul

Visiting the Hippodrome, the Blue Mosque, the basilica of St. Sophia, and the Topkapı Palace. Promenade in the Covered Bazaar. Overnight.

Day 21: İstanbul

Excursion by boat along the Bosphorus. Visiting the Mosque of Süleymaniye, the Church of St. Saviour in Chora, the Mosque of Eyüp. Driving over Bosphorus Bridge to Asia. Overnight.

Day 22: İstanbul - Home

Transfer to the airport for return flight.


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