Day 1: Home - Ankara

Arrival in Istanbul. You are greeted at the airport and transferred to your hotel by your tour director. (D).

Day 2: Ankara - Amasya

Departure for Amasya. On the way visiting the open-air rock pantheon of Yazılıkaya with its fine reliefs of hitite Gods and Kings and Bogazkale, the ancient Hitite capital of Hattuasa (the lion’s Sphinx and King’s gates, the great citadel and the Temple).Arrival in Amasya. Visiting the royal Tombs, the mosque complex of Sultan Bayazit, the old houses and medreses. Dinner and overnight in Amasya. (B, D)

Day 3: Amasya - Trabzon

Departure for Trabzon, following the Black Sea coast passing by the pine-forests, plantations of tea and hazelnuts via Ordu, the ancient Cotyora and Giresun, the ancient Cerasus. Dinner and overnight in Trabzon. (B, D)

Day 4: Trabzon

In the morning departure for the extraordinary Byzantine Monastery of Sumela which stands on 1200m. Of altitude, with its church and chapels full of outstanding frescoes. In the afternoon a city tour in Trabzon: visiting the Byzantine Church of St. Sophia of 13th century and mosques of Fatih the former church of Panaghia Chrysocephalos) and Gulbahar Hatun and the Ataturk Mansion. Dinner and overnight in Trabzon. (B, D)

Day 5: Trabzon - Artvin

Departure for Artvin. On the way visiting Hopa and Sarp, which stands, on the border. Dinner and overnight in Artvin. (B, D)

Day 6: Artvin – Ani - Iğdır

Arrival in Kars, passing through the magnificent Coruh Valley. Visiting the Citadel and the church of Apostles. In the afternoon visiting the ancient site of Ani of the 10th century, situated on the border, with its impressive city walls, gates the churches of Redeemer, Dikran Honents, Apostles the Grand Cathedral, the Mosque of Mencuher and the caravanserai. Dinner and overnight in Iğdır. (B, D)

Day 7: Iğdır – Doğubeyazıt - Van

Departure for Dogubeyazit, passing by the eternally snow-covered Biblical Mount Agri (5137m.) Visiting the magnificent Ishal Pasa Palace in a lovely decorum with its 366 rooms and Harem, set around two courtyards covering 7.600 square meters. Departure for van via Caldiran. Visiting the citadel of van, the site of the ancient Tushba, capital of Utattions. Enjoying the scenery on Lake Van at sunset. Dinner and overnight in Van. (B, D)

Day 8: Van - Ahlat

After visiting Cavustepe Fortress (Sarduri-hinili), symbolizing the unusual success of Uration architecture and the medieval Castle of Hosab. Excursion to the Island of Akdamar on Lake Van, to visit the Church of Holy Cross of the 10th century famous for its outer (walls, richly decorated with old testament reliefs. Possibility of swimming in the Lake. Departure for and overnight in Ahlat. (B, D)

Day 9: Ahlat – Nusaybin – Mardin - Şanlıurfa

After visiting the jacobite Monastery of Deryul-Zafaran, a city tour in Mardin covering the beautiful Islamic monuments lovely stone houses and the churches in Mardin. Departure for Sanliurfa. Promenade in the Bazaar. Dinner and overnight in Sanlıurfa. (B, D)

Day 10: Şanlıurfa – Harran – Mt. Nemrut - Adıyaman

Visiting Harran, with its beehive houses, believed to be the ancient city of Charan, mentioned in the Book of Genesis.Arrival back at Sanliurfa.Visiting the Grotto of Abraham and the pool of sacred carps near Halil Rahman Mosque. Departure for Kahta.On the way visiting Ataturk’s Dam, a part of GAP (southern Anatolian Project for the regional irrigation and development). Starting ascension of Nemrut Dagi (Mt. Nemrut 2150 m.). After visiting Karakus Tumulus, the Bridge of Cendere and arsemia, enjoying the sunset over toppled heads of colossal stone statues of Gods, which lie on the ground, erected 2000 years ago for the gigantic sanctuary of King Antiochos I of Commagene. Overnight in Adiyaman. (B, D)

Day 11: Day: Adıyaman – Kayseri - Cappadocia

Departure for Kayseri. Visiting the citadel, the Bazaar, the huand Hatun building complex, the old Islamic schools and mausoleums. Dinner and overnight in Cappadocia. (B, D)

Day 12: Cappadocia

Visiting Goreme Open Air Museum with its Monastic church complexes, the troglodytic village of Goreme, the Valley of Zelve, the villages of Avanos, center of pottery and carpet weaving, the town of urgup and the citadel of Uchisar. Dinner and overnight in Cappadocia. (B, D)

Day 13: Cappadocia - Ankara

Visiting the underground city and the Church in derinkuyu, the valley of Monasteries and the Church of St.George (Kilise Camii) in Gelveri (Guzelyurt) and the Valley of Ihlara of the valley or Peristrema (the churches of Agacalti, Sumbullu and yilanli). Departure for Ankara. Dinner and overnight in Ankara. (B, D)

Day 14: Ankara - Home

Your tour director will escort you to the airport for your flight home. (B)


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