Early departure for Edirne, the ancient Hadrianopolis and the former capital of the Ottoman Empire. Visiting the Mosque of Selim II (Selimiye camiisi), the masterpiece of the ottoman art and world architecture, the castle, the mosque of yıldirim bayazit, the old Mosque, the Mosque of Murad (Muradiye), the Mosque with three Balconies (Uc serefeli camii) the Mosque complex of Bayezid II (Bayezid Kulliyesi) with its nearly hundred domes, scattered on a very large plain covering a mosque, a hospital, a public kitchen, a faculty for doctors, the baths and living quarters. The baths of Sokullu and Tahtakale, caravanserail of Rustem pasha, the famous fountains, the old houses and the bridges.

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