Experiential Travel

As FEST Travel with the innovation boost on our side we are always on our toes against the intense global demand for travel experiences that resonate on a deeper emotional level. The driving force motivates us to create products that are more adventurous, more personalized, and more attuned to local culture. Infusing and inspiring travellers toward a path of self-discovery.

Our objective is to the best travel experience to the customer inbound or outbound. Innovation, competition, low-risk, and high-quality unique travel products are the core of our operation. We take our time to create the sustainable enriched tailor made travel scenarios for travellers, retailers, wholesalers and operators. The brand loyalty is a key factor in delivering innovative manufactured product for you, the best travel experience every day for your clients, while bringing you a financially balanced product.

For travellers, seeing so many other people accomplish their travel goals, it inspires them to imagine and purchase their own travel experiences and that’s where FEST Travel comes into the picture. We feed our innovative team with the requirements you need, we try to understand and exploit with increasingly sophisticated strategies your expectation. As technology evolves and networks grow in widening circles, we propose experience on a visceral level. We zero in on a new way to understand our world and the local experiences. Innovation, inspiration, personalization and self-discovery fuses us to compose the best itineraries for already cognizant travellers. To convey the mentality of more immersive, local, authentic, adventurous and/or active travel. To shake the classical travel shackles.

Travel consumer behaviours are varying day by day and as a travel agency we have to be on top of the game. We have to provide the possibility to travel better, to experience a deeper emotional and more personal levelled interaction. Consumers are walking away from stereotypical pre-packaged travel itineraries. They want to be more connected, culturally and technologically. One cannot be cut from the other as it will leave the traveller isolated. Hence travellers are looking for authentic experiences that are outside the reach of traditional tourism. People want to reclaim what’s real, true and local. Mass tourism has been dead for a long time and nor the classical pre-packed travel terminology is losing its appeal.

FEST Travel listens to you, to create the most authentic experiential or adventurous itinerary possible. We infuse adventure activity and transformative experiences to create packages tours that are beyond packaged travel.  We build connectivity and allow you to connect with the local people, to be more spontaneous and surprising. To know our customer is crucial and fundamental. More and more, savvy travellers are searching for those up-and-coming destinations to travel to. So we are on top of our game and a couple of steps ahead. We provide more options to explore a destination and its local culture hence this impacts the overall sense of discovery, which for many is the most important aspect of travel.


We invite you to the world of experiential travel of FEST.

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