İstanbul European Capital of Culture for 2010

• World Cultural Heritage, historical peninsula of İstanbul
• Fabulous capital of three empires, the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman
• The city that brings together the East and the West
• In a nutshell: the maximum art experience
• A melting pot of many languages, various ethnicities and beliefs, where you can find a mosque, a synagogue, a church within a radius
   of 100 meters
• Beautiful harmony with countless societies and culture, a multicultural city
• Capital of the sea
• An historical, natural and cultural treasury
• Unique surroundings with historical and natural attraction
• Romantic, exciting and exotic accumulation of fine arts
• The modern city, the city of the past, present and future
• Where unique tradition and brilliant innovation of the arts blend together
• The city of fun and excitement, where amusement never ends
• Famous Turkish cuisine, a fusion of flavors, with meat and seafood, olive oil and grains
• İstanbul is to everyone’s taste, a city with a choice of exceptional restaurants
• An incredible city with matchless local drinks, desserts and fruits
• Varied and exciting nightlife, where the rhythm never ends
• A city of festivals
• A city with a lively bar and café culture
• İstanbul a shopper’s paradise, a unique combination of the East and the West, with its bazaars and modern shopping centers.
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