Services of FEST Travel


FEST Travel is a complete Destination Management Company (DMC), providing need-based solutions to its clients and business associates the world-over.

We offer a comprehensive range of travel related services, including:

• Custom-designed luxury tours for individuals and small groups
• Specialised culture, adventure and wildlife tours
• Luxury Trekking, Luxury cruise and charter operations
• Conference and Incentive Programmes

Tailored Luxury Travel

• Organising the "stuff that dreams are made of" - luxurious extras that give you that once-in-a-lifetime experience 
• Crafting a deluxe unforgettable trip according to your needs and wishes

FEST TRAVEL can supply the following services:

• Hotel and Rent-a-Car Reservations
• Private Yacht Tours
• Private Mansion Visits
• Aircraft Charters
• Over 170 different itineraries in English in Istanbul (Strolling Through Istanbul)
• Daily Excursions
• Special Interest Tours
• Study Tours
• Boutique Accommodations
• Incentives
• Business Traveller Arrangements (Religious Tours)
• Congresses and Yachting Arrangements
• Cruise and Yachting Arrangements
• Trekking
• Meeting Planning
• Culinary delights
• Combined tours of Greece, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Armenia, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, China, India...
• Tour Arrangements.

Travel arrangements are made through our head office in İstanbul. When all arrangements are finalized, vouchers, tickets and other information on each service are forwarded to client's agencies or individuals' customers. The vouchers provide service details, supplier/hotel address and telephone numbers and contact information for all offices.

For İstanbul
A god and a beauty of history, a taboo 
A miracle of sun and water, a secret surely eternal, this is İstanbul
It's us who are wasted away... Our hearts

Ahmet Muhip Diranas

İstanbul is a bridge connecting two different worlds; the East and The West. It is the West at the extremity of the East, the East at the epilogue of the West. İstanbul is a melting pot where Eastern and Western civilizations have been blended together. It is composed of Western Anatolian and Hellenistic cultures upon which Roman culture was grafted. Added to this are traces of Chinese, Indian and Persian cultural influences and Altaic Turkish mythology and Islamic Legends. It embraces Pagan, Christian and Muslim religions - the cradle of three cultural components. Not only is it the crossroads of the past for the East and West, it is also the future, an intersection point.

As the proud pioneers of Strolling Through İstanbul Tours®, we can provide unique experiences on basically any theme requested. We can tailor made and curate private tours in every corner of İstanbul, even underground. Private visits to mansions, renowned Ottoman Imperial Palaces, cruising along the Bosphorous, market tours, Bazaars, food delights and experiencing the city like a local.

Around Turkey

We are experts in curating tours all over Turkey from East to west, north to South. Covering all possible cultures that Anatolia has to offer. Our specialized customized itineraries varies and fluctuates according to the needs of our travellers. You can enjoy a gullet or a private yacht, dwell into the depths of archaeology in Sagalassos, Ephesus, Kastabala or in any of the dozens of ancient cities in Turkey. Experience the huge diverse culture by escaping to the wooden mosques of Denizli, read the poetry on rocks in Cappadocia, set the sun in Mount Nemrut, taste the kebab culture in Gaziantep, pamper yourself in a luxurious resort along the coast line, discover the 7 Churches of Revelation or take the path of Alexander The Great. Discover Roman, Byzantine, Hittite, Seljukian, Ottoman, Genovese, Urartian civilisations...

All tailored made for your needs whether a day, a week or a month our specialized traveller designers will created the best fit for you. We know details matter!

In thirty years we have welcomed stars from all over the world; authors, academics, artists, painters, poets, actors, actresses...

We are here for you to perceive more than what you see.


Hotels in key cities throughout our speciality region are often comparable to those in major American or European cities. However, when traveling outside major cities, differences among hotels of the same rating can be striking. Thus, travellers must be selective. Primarily, FEST Travel specialises in all star hotel programs, allowing us to offer competitive prices. At the same time, we are rapidly increasing our activity with deluxe and boutique, historical (renovated) hotels, where we can offer competitive rates as well.

Local Professional Guides

FEST Travel truly believes in the importance of guide services for the success of any tour. Therefore, we provide "the very best". In most cases, our guides have at least fifteen years of experience and are licensed by the Ministry of Tourism. They all have bachelor or master's degrees in their related fields like history, art, sociology, politics, etc.; knowledgeable and experienced with all types of clients; and regardless of the destination, they are measured by the same highest standard rankings. USA Representatives, Senators, Ex-Presidents, authors like Dan Brown and actors.

Tour Coaches and Vehicles

FEST Travel operates its hired coaches. Most of them are very new, with brand names such as Mercedes or Mitsubishi coaches. Normally, for groups of 14 or more and on the escorted tour itineraries, the buses are deluxe, equipped with air conditioning. With smaller groups, air-conditioned mini-buses are used. For individuals we can offer a variety of low to luxury standard vehicles.

Quality Control

FEST TRAVEL largely relies on the comments of the clients to assess and improve the quality of its services. Thus, we always request that our guests privately complete questionnaire forms to evaluate our tours.
To make individual arrangements:

1- Call us personally or through your travel agent us at (212) 216 10 36 - 37 (pbx) and ask for an individual quote, or simply fax your request to (212) 216 10 30, or e-mail us at or text us to at WhatsApp 

2- Give itinerary details, mentioning destinations or special areas of interest, for example: Archeology, Luxury, Culture, People, Food, Cruising, Study etc.

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